Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Amberian Dawn- River of Tuoni

♪Myspace of the Band.
Released in 2008, this album by the Finnish symphonic power metal band Amberian Dawn is exquisite.
-What is the river of Tuoni?
According to Finnish mythology Tuoni was the god of the underworld. He lived with his wife in a town called Tuonetar. The land of the living and the land of the dead was divided by a river called the "Black River" or what is referred to in the album as "The River Of Tuoni". The album opens up with the story of a mother trying to save her son drawing in the dark river of Tuoni. -We are carried away with what symphonic Scandinavian metal is all about: taken to a fairy mythological universe. The voice of Heidi Parviainen, is incredibly beautiful!
-Things to blame: Unfortunatly, the music is monotonous and not very innovative, it resembles a lot of symphonic metal compositions. The titles are very repetitive and you get bored after hearing a few tracks.
►More information about Finnish mythology: here


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