Sunday, January 23, 2011

Selection of University websites.

1- The Complete Works of William Shakespeare:
Here, you can find all the works of William Shakespeare. It's really amazing. You can read all of his work for free.
2-Open Yale courses:
In this website you can watch videos of lectures given by distinguished yale professors for free!
This is a very helpful website for the students. Enjoy :)
3-Standford's University Documents search:
There are about online documents in this website. It is a very useful tool for research.

~~The Tunisian Revolution ~~

Hello everyone,

My country has recently experienced a historic event. On the 14 th of January 2011 thousands of people went to the streets protesting against the corruption and tyranny of president, his family and police cruelthy that caused the death of at least 78 people during earlier protests.

A series of protests started after the imotation of a young fruit seller: Mohammed Bouazizi. Police forces tried to repress the protests by firing live bullets but that did not work out it contributed to the anger and rebellion of the people. It is said that snipers belonging to the ex president's mafia were present among the police forces and fired in specific places like the head, the heart, the neck... Our police force is not trained that well so I guess this theory is true. The police beats people ok! But they wouldn't kill them. They fire in the air, randomly perhaps but not directly at people. (that's the law)

Later that evening, the president fled the country.

After 23 years of dictatorship and injustice and fear we have won our freedom. The press and media, which were supressed , the internet which was incredibly censored (we didn't even have access to Youtube, vimeo, metacafe etc... and thousands of other websites) were freed!

People are talking about politics for the first time ever and opposition is finally allowed to be active. All political prisoners were freed and many exiled have returned to Tunisia.

In a couple of months WE THE PEOPLE OF TUNISIA will be able to choose our president, our government.

Of course, there are still some issues right now. The old party that was governing the country and which is famous for corruption still exists and many of its members are part of the current temporary government. Poeple are still protesting against that.

I personally don't mind the current government it's temporary and I think that not all those in it are bad people. We wait and see what they have to offer and if we don't like it then back to the streets we will return!

For further information.


Sunday, January 2, 2011


1. Learn to give more love
2. Learn to appreciate what I have and be grateful
3. learn to love unconditionally
4. Learn to love myself and accept my limitations
5. Be myself without fear
6. help others as much as I can
7. control my anger
8. learn to be patient
9. Practise yoga and meditation at least weekly
10. lose weight
11. eat healthily
12. Play guitar weekly
13. Read weekly
14. Learn to be sufficiently organized
15. Write on the blog monthly at least
16. make music
17. start writing a book
18. Start a project with my Man
19. Do great at school
20. Have my own style
21. Beat laziness
22. Learn to be supportive
23. Learn to be considerate of others' feelings
24. make my own beauty products
25. Learn more in history
26. Learn more in philosophy
27. Have the level 1 degree in Russian and register in the next one
28. be honest
29-Learn to write very well especially in arabic
30- Get back to painting
31-Learn about politics

Mark Jenkins.

It is simply amazing how the American artist Mark Jenkins makes of the most familiar places fantastical! His imagination, wit and sense of humor takes us to the most amazing rides in the urban,boring everyday streets. (not streets only though)
He takes us to new places and new perspectives.

(Washington D.c)

* A face tells much about the person, about all humanity. It is what makes us recognizable. The face with its most complex expressions tells us a lot about the way we feel: when we are angry or calm, sad or happy, when we are scared and when we are in love. There is everything in a face.
* A child is the most fragile of beings yet it shows more determination, more will and more thirst for freedom than the bloodsucking adults, the murderers. Behind the walls of occupation there is a child in everyone... heroes everywhere.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gone with the clock.

-7917/8312 days we have been living.
What have we achieved? What projects did we really finish? What dreams are we living today? Time is passing by, the system is after us and we are passive, numb like nothing matters and nothing is of any importance. Wars,revolutions,deaths and births and we are static wasting more times, more days, more seconds...tick tack tick tack...
-In 3653 I want so many to happen, so many to be true and I want to feel that the last ten years of my life were not a waste of time.
I give up for frustration and for fear of never doing anything right. I want to be a better lover,to lose weight, eat healthier, do more activities with my Jimmy,read books, write books, make music, find a spiritual path, do yoga as it is supposed to be done, have kids,be organized, learn.,write on this blog on a regular basis... But what have I really done this year?
Another year have passed and I what have I done?

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Sleep and dreams _ from Luke Morgan on Vimeo


"It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom." said Aristotle. Indeed he is right!

One the the goals Jamie and I are working on are waking up early. The reasons for this are numerous: breathing the fresh morning air, watching the sunrise,being at peace away from all the noise and having more time in the morning... you can read the zenhabits article "10Benefits of Rising Early and how to do it" and 9 reasons to wake up early for more :).

Now, in order to wake up early and most importantly 'in shape' we must understand how the sleep mechanisms work! I have provided you with a list of wonderful resources ! Enjoy!

Here is a quiet interesting test you can take ;)