Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gone with the clock.

-7917/8312 days we have been living.
What have we achieved? What projects did we really finish? What dreams are we living today? Time is passing by, the system is after us and we are passive, numb like nothing matters and nothing is of any importance. Wars,revolutions,deaths and births and we are static wasting more times, more days, more seconds...tick tack tick tack...
-In 3653 I want so many to happen, so many to be true and I want to feel that the last ten years of my life were not a waste of time.
I give up for frustration and for fear of never doing anything right. I want to be a better lover,to lose weight, eat healthier, do more activities with my Jimmy,read books, write books, make music, find a spiritual path, do yoga as it is supposed to be done, have kids,be organized, learn.,write on this blog on a regular basis... But what have I really done this year?
Another year have passed and I what have I done?


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