Sunday, January 2, 2011


1. Learn to give more love
2. Learn to appreciate what I have and be grateful
3. learn to love unconditionally
4. Learn to love myself and accept my limitations
5. Be myself without fear
6. help others as much as I can
7. control my anger
8. learn to be patient
9. Practise yoga and meditation at least weekly
10. lose weight
11. eat healthily
12. Play guitar weekly
13. Read weekly
14. Learn to be sufficiently organized
15. Write on the blog monthly at least
16. make music
17. start writing a book
18. Start a project with my Man
19. Do great at school
20. Have my own style
21. Beat laziness
22. Learn to be supportive
23. Learn to be considerate of others' feelings
24. make my own beauty products
25. Learn more in history
26. Learn more in philosophy
27. Have the level 1 degree in Russian and register in the next one
28. be honest
29-Learn to write very well especially in arabic
30- Get back to painting
31-Learn about politics


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