Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Living in the present.

-We've never been able to understand "living in the moment" philosophies!learnig how to live in the present would be a wonderful experience.However, most of those who tell you to "Be in the present" never really explain to you how to do so. This time: we will try to! :))

*Firstly, is there a moment in time called "the present"?
Probably not because time doesn't stop ,it's always moving taking us to the futur. Time is in continuous division between a past and a futur. Then what we call "the present" is the movement of time and not time itself.
*But what if we take it in its metaphorical sense? Would that change anything? If we consider the "living in the present philosophy" as a possibility of enjoying the moment we are in and not worrying too much about what the future is going to bring
*Here we would talk about another thing, it's how we percieve time in life. That is history and how to divide its stages. Then we would talk about what is synchronic ( an event which takes a moment in time = That is the duration of an event and if this event can be divided in two parts past and futur = duration in the present) and here we can understand "living in the present philosophy" ,and today means what we are living synchronically without worrying about the futur.However, this is almost impossible because of time which is constantly moving and taking us to the futur. It's like a conflict between us and time: we want to control time but it's running everything and running so fast and it doesn't get tired.In reality we are not fighting time but we are fighting ourselves. The big fight is between us and our "psychological time" and not the "real time".
Psychological time runs faster when we are happy, when we want to save the moment, when we want to catch it and live it an eternity. However, our psychological time becomes a very slow walker when we feel bad as if it's mocking us. Psychological time is a sarcastic enemy and real time is its eternal power.
What is wrong with "living the moment philosophy" is why don't we live the moment? and the answer is because we want something which is not happening in "the present" and we are sick of the conflict with time, and its slow sarcastic movement.

*We all wish to freeze happy moments: like when you are with your beloved and you have to part: you wish the time stops so that you can stay with them forever.
However, there are moments when one is absent-minded and is not involved in what is going on, always trying to postpone everything for the future.
If we want for instance to do something for someone we love or simply to tell them we love them and we keep saying we will tell them when they will do the same or we will tell them when we are in a better mood/shape then maybe that moment in the future will never come (especially if we consider more important/ serious exemples)and then we will live our entire life regretting it.
And that's probably what's meant by living in the present. It's doing the things we want before it's too late-as long as we are alive and breathing we should NEVER postpone anything we can do today.
This philosophy also has to do with gratefulness. If we are not grateful to the life we have right now and we do not do our best to enjoy it and make the most of it then maybe things will be worse in the future and then we will regret the moments we missed, those we could have enjoyed to the fullest.
=> All we wanted to say is: Carpe Diem! Be grateful to the life you have and never postpone anything you can do today! Peace ♥


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